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Better hearing can truly help you live your best life! At Best Life Hearing Center, we are dedicated to understanding your individual hearing needs and finding the hearing solution that works for you. Dr. Jennifer Micacci and her experienced staff will work with you to customize solutions that fit your lifestyle and will provide support every step of the way. Don’t wait to start hearing better!

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Jennifer Micacci, Au.D.

Jennifer Micacci is a Doctor of Audiology and the founder of Best Life Hearing Center. She has been practicing audiology for over 20 years in both Ear, Nose, and Throat offices and private practice and has helped hundreds of people attain better hearing. Her vision for her practice was to create a space for people to become educated about their hearing loss and available solutions to their hearing problems in a low-pressure environment.


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Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Quality of Life

Most people wait an average of 7 years before seeking help for hearing loss. Hearing loss affects our relationships, our cognitive abilities, and our general well being. Untreated hearing loss leads to miscommunication and frustration. So why do we wait so long? Common myths and misconceptions can prevent people from taking that first step and seeing a professional. You may believe that you are too young for hearing devices, that they are unattractive, that they whistle all the time, or that they are too expensive. Thanks to advances in hearing technology, hearing devices now offer high quality personalized sound in discreet packages. There are treatment options for every budget.

Under the guidance and skill of an audiologist, your hearing aids will be fit and verified to ensure those devices are working properly for you. Hearing devices used in conjunction with active listening strategies and sometimes assistive listening devices (for the telephone or TV, for example) can make life less stressful for people with hearing loss. By treating your hearing loss, you gain improved communication with loved ones, increased social participation, and added confidence at work. Hearing aids can help you to maintain your independence and improve your overall quality of life.


I found Dr. Micacci to be very helpful, informative, and thorough when dealing with the patient. From the start of the hearing tests all the way through to the proper fitting of the hearing aids, this audiologist takes the time to provide an accurate diagnosis of your hearing problem and then helps you to fit your particular hearing needs. What I especially like is the way this audiologist establishes a wonderful rapport with the patient so you feel comfortable with the whole idea of even wearing aids to improve your quality of life. I've had experiences with several audiologists throughout the years and I believe Dr. Micacci is honest, caring, and sincere in trying to provide the best possible solution to a patient's hearing problems.

- Don C.

I was not satisfied with the performance of my hearing aids so I decided to try a different audiologist. I made an appointment with Dr. Micacci who gave me a complete and thorough hearing examination. After she evaluated the results, she fit me with hearing aids that significantly improved my hearing particularly in noisy environments. She is a consummate, caring professional who really wants to help her patients improve their hearing.

- Robert K.

Very satisfied. Strongly recommend.

- D.S.

I met Dr. Micacci and she gave me a very thorough hearing test. I got my Oticon aids and I am very pleased with them. I have had a few occasions to call Jennifer and she has been very kind and gracious. She answered all my questions in detail and told me to call her anytime.

- Maureen C.

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Services We Provide:

Custom Earpieces

Custom noise protection, filtered musician’s earplugs, and swimplugs.

Tinnitus Assessment

In addition to a diagnostic hearing evaluation, a tinnitus assessment will be performed if your primary complaint is tinnitus or if tinnitus is bothersome to you. The tinnitus assessment consists of a case history, questionnaires, measurement of loudness discomfort levels, tinnitus pitch matching, tinnitus loudness matching, and minimal masking levels. Personalized tinnitus management strategies will discussed based on the results of the assessment.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Your hearing devices will be programmed for your hearing loss and verification testing will be performed to ensure a proper fitting. You will be counseled about getting adjusted to hearing with your new devices. You will also learn how to care for and maintain your hearing aids.

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation - Child

If your child’s physician or school has requested a hearing test, we can provide a comprehensive age-appropriate audiological evaluation for children 12 months and older that will include tympanometry and distortion product otoacoustic emissions testing.

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation - Adult

Your evaluation will encompass medically necessary testing based on your complaints and case history. In addition to audiometry, your test may include tympanometry, acoustic reflex testing, and/or distortion product otoacoustic emissions testing.